Skip to main content was a website I started in 2014 before I became a registered migration agent. Back then there was no way for me to become registered because of a few limitations:

a. I was not a permanent resident or citizen of Australia 

b. I had not yet studied the formal 6-month course (now 12 months) and had not yet taken the dreaded Capstone Assessment for migration agents to become a registered migration agent (although in the past it might interest you to know that the older registered migration agents only needed to complete a 1-day seminar! Yep, you read that right.)

So all I had back then was practical experience and skills as a former case officer for DIBP (now called DHA), and a completed and signed Form 956A authorising me to represent my clients in their dealings with the Department. Yes, I was an "unregistered agent". They make it sound so bad now when someone is an unregistered agent. Like someone dodgy. But honestly, how can someone overseas become a registered migration agent if they are limited by their nationality or lack of Australian visa status? The rules are pretty one-sided.

But I do understand where these rules are coming from. They are coming from Australia. And the regulating bodies of Australia like (hint: OMARA) do not want to be responsible for a lot of agents all over the world. They do not have the resource or capacity. Can you imagine if people no longer had these limitations and all that was required was to complete the knowledge course and have a certain English language level? It would be a piece of cake for the academically and linguistically gifted people. 

I would like to see this happen because I don't believe that all unregistered agents are dodgy. I know I wasn't. It is one of the reasons why I made it a goal to become registered. I knew I couldn't change the system being on the outside. Now things are different and I would like to give unregistered agents a chance. Because I know there are a lot of talented and skilled people out there just like me who just need the right support. 

To wrap it up, if you go to the website you will be redirected here to because whilst I am now a registered migration agent, I will always be a case officer.

Kind regards


RMA, MARN 2014515


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I am a registered migration agent in Darwin, Northern Territory, with a combined experience of 14 years in Australian migration industry. My experience began when I started working for the Australian Embassy Manila in 2006. I received invaluable training in visa processing, decision making and integrity checking and reporting (this means investigating for any bogus or fraudulent documents, trends, schemes, scams etc). After 5 years with the embassy in Manila, I resigned for a change of career. I didn't know what I wanted to do after that, only that I wanted to do something meaningful. After about a year of taking a break, I was invited to become a consultant for a Manila-based firm processing student visa applications. This opened my eyes to the fact that many people desire to study or migrate to Australia for better opportunities. I therefore found my calling in helping people achieve their dreams of going to Australia, whether it's to explore opportunities, enhance their ca